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T-Shirt Quilt

Size Guide

Utilize the following information and guides to help plan the perfect T-Shirt Quilt.  Note Layout and Size preferences, then simply Contact Us to order.


T-Shirt Quilt FAQ's

  • Size/Price equivalents determined by finished size.  Please see Legacy Quilts Price Guide for current pricing.  Includes materials, labor, batting, custom machine quilting (around design areas, 'fill quilting' in background) and binding.

  • Please send washed, UNCUT garments - if items are cut too small, they may not be able to be used, or may require a per shirt 'repair fee'.

  • All quilts machine quilted, not tied, which makes Legacy Quilts' designs stronger, longer wearing and more attractive than many other quilts of this type. 

  • Garment designs should be no more than 14" square.  Designs larger than 14" will be cut to utilize as much of the design as possible.

  • Legacy Quilts will cut and quilt the printed areas of each garment (front and back), unless otherwise noted.  Each side of a garment counts as one block.  (Example: Using both the front and back of a shirt is equivalent to 2 quilt blocks.)

  • Quilts based on 14" finished block size, however, more than one garment design can be used in a block when portions of a design are cut and appliquéd back on.  Available in both Conventional and Variable Layouts.

  • Send your own memory fabrics for sashing and borders (denim is a favorite!) or choose a color from our stash.  Let us know your preference, and/or let us make suggestions based on the mix of t-shirts you send.

  • Other sizes and layouts possible.  If you would like to discuss design options beyond these basic layouts, please feel free to Contact Us with your ideas!     

T-Shirt Quilt Layout Options

Conventional Layout  - Block Sizes Identical

All garments are are cut 14" square and laid out in a straight grid.  1 1/2" sashing between each block, 2" borders. 

  • All layouts pictured with sashing. 

  • Quilts available without sashing (joined shirt-to-shirt) in both Conventional and Variable Layouts at the same size/price equivalents.

*Note: Skewed layouts (i.e. On-Point [not pictured]) reduce shirts per quilt by about half.

Variable Layout - Block Sizes Vary

Garments are cut 14" wide, but can vary in length.  1 1/2" sashing between horizontal blocks, 2" borders. 

Designs wider than 14" may be used, however, shirts may be rotated (vertical vs. horizontal, if the design allows) to accommodate various sizes.

A variable layout is preferable if you have:

  • pre-cut shirts

  • a range of garment sizes

  • a number of smaller logos (pocket or arm designs)

  • smaller design elements (photos or memorabilia)

Varied block sizes also makes a quilt more 'interesting'. 



T-Shirt Quilt Size Guidelines

Conventional Layouts pictured.  Variable Layouts will utilize more garments per quilt size.

Other sizes and layouts possible.  Feel free to Contact Us with your ideas!


                     Please see Legacy Quilts Price Guide for current pricing.

4 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

4 T-Shirt Blocks

(2x2 block layout)

SIZE: 34" x 34"

Size/Price Equivalent: 

Baby Quilt/Wallhanging

6 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

 6 T-Shirt Blocks

 (2x3 block layout)

 SIZE: 34" x 49"

Size/Price Equivalent:

Crib Quilt


8 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

 8 T-Shirt Blocks

 (2x4 block layout)

 SIZE: 34" x  65"

Size/Price Equivalent :

Lap Quilt


9 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

9 T-Shirt Blocks

(3x3 block layout)

SIZE:  49" x 49 "

Size/Price Equivalent:

Lap Quilt

12 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

12 T-Shirt Blocks

(3x4 block layout)

SIZE: 49" x 65"

Size/Price Equivalent:

 Twin Size Quilt


16 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

16 T-Shirt Blocks

(4x4 block layout)

SIZE: 65" x 65"

Size/Price Equivalent:

 Full/Double Quilt


20 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

20 T-Shirt Blocks

(4x5 block layout)

SIZE: 65" x 80"

Size/Price Equivalent:

 Queen Quilt


24 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

24 T-Shirt Blocks

(4x6 block layout)

SIZE: 65"x 95"

Size/Price Equivalent:

 Queen Size Quilt (long)


25 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

25 T-Shirt Blocks

(5x5 block layout)

SIZE: 80" x 80"

Size/Price Equivalent:

 King Size Quilt


30 Block

T-Shirt Quilt

30 T-Shirt Blocks

(5x6 block layout)

SIZE: 80" x 95"

Size/Price Equivalent:

 King Size Quilt




Noting Block Placement Preferences

If you have no preference as to where the blocks are placed on your quilt, one of Legacy Quilts’ skilled quilt artists will arrange the blocks to best highlight and balance the designs across the layout. 

 If you do have a preference as to how your blocks are placed, (example: "Race shirts should be laid out chronologically by date"; or, "The orange Harley-Davidson shirts should be central"),  please follow one of the suggestions below.

Note:  Shirts to be highlighted should be located toward the center of the quilt, and/or in the "12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock"  positions.

  • Fold garments into approximations of quilt squares with design areas visible.  Lay out items as you would like them to be arranged on a clean table, floor or other flat surface.   Take a photo of your layout (digital or otherwise), and return a hard copy with your quilt materials, or email to Legacy Quilts at legacyquilts@mail.com

  • Click on the quilt diagram you are ordering (above) and print a hard copy.  Sketch or write garment names (using obvious decorations/text from the designs) onto this layout sheet as you would like them placed on your quilt.

  • If you only have preferences for a few blocks, give a clear word description using obvious decorations/text from the blocks.  (Examples:  "Make the Sturgis 2005 Harley-Davidson shirt central"; or "Don't highlight the green Spring Break t-shirt.")

Be sure to make and keep a copy of your layout for discussion with Legacy Quilts. Send a copy with your quilt materials.

Once you've noted your Layout and Size preferences,

simply Contact Us to order!


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