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"We do not remember days; we remember moments. " - Cesare Pavese

Signature Quilts
- Available for Immediate Delivery -


No time to design a quilt of your own?  Make an immediate impression while creating an enduring legacy by allowing family and friends to add their signatures and sentiments to these specially designed quilts using a Permanent Fabric Pen (included). 

Perfect for capturing on-site memories of a special day, such as an Anniversary, Wedding, Retirement or Farewell Party. Create a timeless and very personal heirloom in an instant...


Most Signature Quilts can be further personalized by adding a Personalized Label, making the creation even more your own.


Though quilts have been grouped to help visitors envision possible uses,

any quilt or design can be customized to meet your special needs or occasion.

*Due to the file sizes of some photos, pages may take a few moments to load completely* 

Thank you for your patience. (Click on Quilts to enlarge and enhance detail.)

Baby Britches -  34x38 Patchwork & Whole Clothes

Designed with plain, segmented patches across the top and bottom for baby shower attendees or family visitors to add their signatures and sentiments for a new baby, this sweet little quilt also has space to accommodate a personalized embroidered patch bearing a name and/or birth information.

Comes with a Permanent Fabric Pen.

 Add a Personalized Label to further customize this quilted treasure.

Blue Squares - 37x37 Rag-Edge Appliqué & Patchwork

Add signatures and sentiments to designated 'signable' areas of this quilt, enhancing the design with  memories of an event or day.   Perfect for a retirement or farewell, it will be a treasured remembrance for years to come.

Comes with a Permanent Fabric Pen.

Add a Personalized Label to further customize your gift.

Waves -  58x80 Patchwork

Flowing, multi-hued blues add movement and life to this quilt evocative of cool dips in summertime waters.

Can be presented as is, or, for capturing memories of a special occasion, areas such as borders, central blocks, etc. can be designated as ‘signable’ with the enclosed Permanent Fabric Pen.

Consider adding a Personalized Label to further customize your gift.


More quilts coming soon...


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