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 "When someone we love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure".  - Anonymous

Lost Loved Ones

Grief experts agree that finding a way to keep lost loved ones' memories alive is a very important and necessary aspect of healing.  Wrap yourself in precious memories or pass on the history of a life well lived in a tangible, lasting way.  Lost Loved Ones Memory Quilts honor and celebrate your loved ones while offering comfort and healing for those left behind. 

Though quilts have been grouped to help visitors envision possible uses,

any quilt or design can be customized to meet your special needs or occasion.

*Due to the file sizes of some photos, pages may take a few moments to load completely* 

Thank you for your patience. (Click on Quilts to enlarge and enhance detail.)

Mom's Maple Leaves - 108x106 Patchwork

Each patch in this special quilt is a different piece of my mother’s clothing.  After she died of breast cancer at 48 in 1994, piecing her belongings together into quilts of memories started me on a healing journey as each fabric memory was pieced into something beautiful, functional and lasting for me and my family. 

The leaves are representative of the October day she left us, and the abundance of colorful fall leaves that decorated the funeral home and church when we said goodbye.  

Crazy Hearts - 15x15 'Grandma's Fabrics'

After the death of her grandfather, a client sought a way to create a special remembrance of him for each member of her family.  By using his neck-ties to create these individual quilted wallhangings, each of her relations received a special remembrance of Grandpa in a lovely piece of quilted art.

CQ's Sunshine & Shadows - 84x92 Patchwork

Made of his mother’s fabrics, the moody, undulating pattern of this quilt reflects the ups and downs of moving on after losing a loved one.  While sometimes you walk in the shadows, the sun does shine again….

Conley's Trains- 35x35 T-Shirt Quilt & Photos

Train t-shirts and handkerchief materials carrying special memories of  Erin’s father provide the perfect frame for a photo and timeless remembrance of the man, himself.

Peterson's Blues - 50x60 Patchwork


After the untimely death of her husband, this client requested that quilts be made from his clothing for each of her three children.  By utilizing the embroidered names and logos from his shirts, as well as pockets from his jeans, the memories were kept even more distinct.


When asked how these Christmas quilts had been received, she smiled, “It was almost like he was there with us.”

Trapp's Farm II - 44x56

Landscapes & Patchwork 


The second in the Trapp Family series, this quilt renders actual photos of the Kansas homestead into Landscape blocks, then combines them with Grandpa’s farm denims and handkerchiefs into a stunning whole. 


 A special pocket block in the lower right-hand corner is designed to hold a 5x7” farm journal, and the pieced 9-Patch blocks feature pockets and snap hardware from Grandpa’s hard-worn ‘everyday’ overalls, as well as his new overalls that were only brought out for holidays and special occasions. 


 A ‘hanging sleeve’ made of suspender hardware completes the quilt, carrying family memories across the years and miles.…

Blue Embroidery - Detail  120x120 'Grandma's Fabrics'

The hand-embroidery on this lovely quilt was done years ago by a client’s mother, but the quilter passed away before the project was complete.   Legacy Quilts completed the remaining quilt squares and finished the quilt for the client, bringing it to life and creating a special remembrance of the past that had been boxed away for years.

Meghan's Quilt - 54x75 T-Shirt Quilt

After Meghan’s father passed away, we used his much-loved t-shirts to make a quilt of memories for her.  T-shirts and jeans combine perfectly to memorialize the easy-going nature of the man himself.

In Celebration of Elizabeth Ann Thornton - 86x86 Patchwork

Over 30  of their mother’s fabrics, as varied as bathing suits to upholstery fabrics to t-shirts, come together in this Latticework design reminding the family of their mom and celebrating her life. 

Thornton Siblings x6 - 41x58 Patchwork

Six lap size quilts - one for each sibling - mimic their father's king-size design made from a lifetime of Mom's fabrics.  T-Shirts to table linens, and clothing to curtains are transformed into holdable, huggable quilts of memories celebrating their Mom.

Nature Bits II - 36x36 Patchwork

After clearing out her grandmother’s house, this client stated that the curtains used in this series of quilts, “are what I have left of my grandma.”   Combining existing fabric motifs, machine-embroidery and available color schemes, Legacy Quilts created a quilt reminiscent of the nature her grandparents lived in and loved.

Brights - 100x92 Patchwork


I set out to make a quilt using my mother's clothes that was as bright and vibrant as she was.  Using all manner of fabrics from dresses to scarves to curtains, this design embodies such life and movement that it reminds me of her every time I see it.


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