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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." - Thomas Merton


Decorate a Quilt Block


With a little thought and preparation this artistic endeavor will create a personal quilt holding memories for a lifetime. A fun shower activity and/or an exciting project for the whole family in anticipation of the new arrival.

There are many color and design possibilities for quilts of this nature. View the following quilt and individual quilt block examples, then read about the activity below.

Though quilts have been grouped to help visitors envision possible uses,

any quilt or design can be customized to meet your special needs or occasion.

*Due to the file sizes of some photos, pages may take a few moments to load completely* 

Thank you for your patience. (Click on Quilts to enlarge and enhance detail.)

To Baby Lee - 36x36 Patchwork

with Handpainted Blocks


Sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, grandparents and friends on all sides contributed to decorating this quilt celebrating the arrival of sweet “Baby Lee.”  Fabric paints, fabric markers, and decorative iron-on patches were used to adorn the squares before they were pieced together into a whole. 

What’s more, as Kalina made her entrance to the world before the quilt was finished, we included a central patch embroidered with her name and birth information.  Welcome, Baby Lee!


Details of Individual Quilt Blocks from "To Baby Lee"

(Click on photos to enlarge and enhance detail.)

To Baby Lee

All 10 Fingers Detail

To Baby Lee

Babee Detail

To Baby Lee

Diaper Square Detail

To Baby Lee

Embroidery Square Detail

To Baby Lee

HandPrint Square Detail

To Baby Lee

Emilie's Rainbow Detail


"Decorate a Quilt Block" Activity Requirements


For a standard size baby quilt with 25  'decorated' blocks, cut 50 6x6" patches from two different fabrics (25 from each), or order a pre-made "Decorate a Quilt Block Kit" of pre-cut squares from Legacy Quilts.



If making your own blocks, for best results please follow these fabric guidelines:

  • 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend fabric is best.  (Nothing shiny, stretchy, flimsy or sheer.)

  • Any colors will work, but consider using coordinating or contrasting colors with a 'theme' - ie. Nursery Colors, Traditional Blue or Pink and White, Pastels, Primary Colors, or Denims, etc…

  • At least one of the fabrics must be light colored and relatively 'plain' (with no print or texture) in order to clearly display writing and decoration.  These will be the blocks your guests will decorate.

  • If you are purchasing fabrics, buy one yard each of 2 different fabrics (to total 2 yards of fabric).

  • New fabrics aren't necessary.  Consider using memory fabrics of your own, such as clothing (men's dress shirts work well), pillowcases, sheets, jeans, curtains or raid the box you were going to take to Goodwill.   (Note: T-shirt fabrics do not work well for this project.  Again, 100% cotton or a cotton/poly blend is best.) 

  • With sharp fabric scissors or rotary cutting equipment, carefully cut 25 square patches 6 inches by 6 inches (6x6") from each fabric (to total 50 patches). (*It is helpful to prepare a 6x6 cardboard 'template' to trace or cut around to aid in cutting and insure that blocks are uniform.)

  • Cut extra patches from remaining fabrics to have extras available in case of decorating goofs.

  • Sort the fabrics into piles and bring the lighter colored, plain fabric to the shower for decorating.

  • It is important that no one's artistic efforts be hidden in the quilt seams once it is put together, so when decorating the quilt blocks no writing or decoration should come within 1/2" of the edge of each block.  When preparing the blocks, you may want to lightly mark in pencil a line 1/2" in from the edge of each block.  At the event, have a note to this effect displayed on the decorating table, and be sure to remind your guests.    

  • It is also helpful if you note in the shower invitation that this activity will take place, as it gives the a chance to think of what they would like to do. The invitation might read "At the shower we will be decorating special quilt blocks that will be made into a quilt for the new baby/mother/family. Please be thinking about how you might like to decorate your block."


Supplies Necessary at the Event

  • A large worktable or space

  • A free table or space on which to lay the completed quilt blocks for display and drying

  • Ink pens and practice paper for doodling and inspiration

  • Sharp #2 pencils to lightly sketch designs or text on quilt blocks before marking (optional)

  • Colored Fabric Markers and/or Pens (available from Legacy Quilts)

  • Colored Fabric Paints (optional)

  • Decorative iron-on patches and glue stick (optional)

  • Newspapers or other large paper for a table cover/drop cloth

  • Paper towels or rags for paint cloths and clean-up

Have Fun!  

  • After the event, CAREFULLY check that all quilt blocks are dry and 'set' if glue or paint were used.  Cover each with a scrap of paper and stack together for shipment to Legacy Quilts. 


Once you've gathered all of your quilt pieces (don't forget the 'other' colored blocks, as well), contact Legacy Quilts for mailing information. 


Legacy Quilts will transform your completed blocks into a one of a kind Baby Quilt holding memories for a lifetime and infused with the joy of a very special day!


Pre-Made "Decorate a Quilt Block" Kits

Take all the fuss and bother out of cutting your own fabrics and simply order a "Decorate a Quilt Block Kit" of pre-cut quilt squares from Legacy Quilts.  

A wide array of colors and fabrics available.  Just let us know your color preference – ie. Nursery Colors, Traditional Blue or Pink and White, Pastels, Primary Colors, or Denims, etc..., and we'll ship a packet of pre-cut and pre-marked squares, ready for your shower guests' artistic expression.

Additional Items

To further simplify this activity, as well as offer a variety of decorating options for your guests, consider ordering:

*Many patch styles available - Teddy Bears, Animal Cuties, Fun Kids, Wild Animals, Sports, Toys, etc...  Tell us your 'theme' preference and we'll provide an array of fun iron-on patches to embellish and unify your quilted work of art.


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