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"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age,

which means never losing your enthusiasm."- Aldous Huxley


Sign-a-Quilt Activity


What mother wouldn't love a handcrafted item for her new baby?  Invite family and friends to add sentiments and signatures to a specially designed Baby Quilt using a permanent fabric pen (included), and capture personal memories of your special day.

Perfect for a fun and unique shower activity!


Most Signature Quilts can be further personalized by adding a Personalized Label,  or fabric transfers of shower invitations, napkins and decorations, or even a birth announcement, onto the quilt before leaving Legacy Quilts, making the creation even more your own.  (Fully washable.  Photo Transfer charges may apply.)


(Click on photos to enlarge and enhance detail.)

Baby Britches -  34x38 Patchwork & Whole Clothes

Designed with plain, segmented patches across the top and bottom for baby shower attendees or family visitors to add their signatures and sentiments for a new baby, these sweet little quilts also have space to accommodate personalized patches bearing a name, birth information, photos, transfers of shower invites or decorations, .

Order extra Permanent Fabric Pens or a Personalized Label  to further customize your quilted treasure.

  More Signature Baby Quilt Ideas Coming Soon...


Sign-a-Quilt Activity

  • Contact Us to discuss designs and options and to order your Signature Baby Quilt. (please allow at least 2-3 weeks for preparation and delivery.)

  • Using the included Fabric Pen and Instruction/Tips sheet, have guests write directly on the specially prepared 'blank' quilt spaces in permanent ink.  

    • To add additional color and interest, as well as offer a variety for your guests, consider ordering additional packs of colored Fabric Pens or Markers.


  • It is also helpful if you note in the shower invitation that this activity will be done, as it gives the guests a chance to think about what they would like to write ahead of time. The invitation might read "At the shower we will be decorating a special quilt for the new baby/mother/family. Please be thinking about something you would like to write on your QuiltBlock.  If you'd like more information about the activity or are in need of inspiration, please visit www.eLegacyQuilts.com." 


Supplies Necessary at the Event

  • A free table, work space or wall on which to display the quilt

  • Ink pens and practice paper for doodling and inspiration

  • Sharp #2 pencils to lightly sketch designs or text on quilt before marking (optional)

  • Permanent Fabric Pen (included)

  • Additional Colored Fabric Markers or Pens (optional)




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